We are selling and are happy to assist you.  For more information call us at 954-397-8058.

We offer free in person verbal appraisals for most items.  Written appraisals are available.  Need an appraisal?  Call 954-397-8058.

Consulting is an important and often over looked service.  Some consultations are free and others require a fee.  To discuss having a consultation feel free to call us at 954-397-8058.

Some, not all, of the topics we can discuss include:

  • Inheritance, where do I start?
  • What and where to sell
  • What and where to buy
  • How to net more money
  • Do I need my coins professionally graded?
  • What about taxes?
  • How to store and preserve a collection
  • How to get started in Numismatics (Coin Collecting)
  • Am I paying too much for an asset such as a diamond or a timepiece?

We take pride in our ability to facilitate the auctioning of your valuable assets. Relying on our extensive experience, we offer professional guidance in selecting an auction house that aligns with your specific needs. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to identify items that are likely to generate exceptional results at auction, ensuring you receive the best possible returns. Moreover, we skillfully negotiate favorable fees to maximize your financial gains. To learn more about our comprehensive auction services, please feel free to contact us at 954-397-8058.